“What dreams do we have these days?” (by Eleftheria Alavanou, published in the travel magazine of Kathimerini “Taxidia” on 17/05/2020)

“I’m on the subway like I used to – I mean without masks, we don’t know about pandemics, etc. There’s a lot of people on the train. We’re waiting for the doors to open, but we all know that, once that happens, the centre of Athens will be under water. And we’re just going to go out and go swimming. No equipment, no clothes and no bags. As amphibians!”

This is one of the dreams received by the visual anthropologist Alessandra D’Onofrio and the journalist Dafni Scaglioni, i.e. the people behind Draumar, a dream collection platform that aims to record the collective fears of the period.

Take paper and pencil (or an audio recorder) to take part in this very interesting project and become part of the great narrative that captures how we experience as a whole as a society the invisible war with the coronavirus.

Send your dreams to draumargreece@gmail.com

For further information go to facebook.com/draumargreece