You might think you do not have dreams or that you cannot remember them.

If you would like to change that, start saying to yourself, “I’ll remember my dreams” every night before you go to sleep. After two weeks, you will see that you start remembering them.

But that is not enough. Try, after you wake up, not to activate any of your senses right away. Don’t open your eyes, don’t move, don’t talk! Stay a little in this state between sleep and wakefulness, don’t “wear” your personality right away and don’t go straight into the everyday reality around you.

And at that moment, recall in your mind the dream you had. You should have something next to you to write it down as soon as you open your eyes (paper and pencil or even an electronic notebook on the nightstand). If you cannot be bothered writing it down, then record it! Mark the date and, either immediately or after you’ve gathered a few dreams, put them – anonymously – in Draumar’s time capsule, or send them to

Sweet dreams!