[Icelandic: dreams] < dream +  trauma*

The pandemic, self-isolation and the changes in every facet of life that, as it seems, will affect us for a long time create an unprecedented collective trauma worldwide. 

If during the day we feel fears and insecurities, at night our subconscious processes them and produces dreams and narratives. And recording them can work therapeutically. 

Let’s compose together the puzzle of dreams in Greece at the time of the pandemic and transform the trauma into creation!

* it is not the true etymology of the word, but an interesting and intriguing association


They wrote about us


Dafni Scaglioni

Alessandra D’Onofrio

Leoni Thanasoula

Instructions for the Dreamers

The process is simple. Take a notebook – or a cell phone, if you prefer to record there – and leave it near the bed. If you have a dream, try after you wake up not to activate any of your senses immediately. Don’t open your eyes, don’t move, don’t talk. Stay in this void for a while and think about the dream you had.

Tell it in the simplest way. Even if you only remember one image, one sensation, one scene, no matter how incoherent it may seem. If you’re tired of writing it, record it! Just mark the date and put it in Draumar’s time capsule. You can deposit your dreams together or send them separately whenever you want.

Become a Dream Collector

By participating in Draumar, you help create one of the largest dream database ever designed in our country!

Share it with your friends, your family, your colleagues… Note down your children’s dreams, ask the elderly in your environment to tell you theirs. 

Let’s enrich the dream time capsule together in order to make contact with the sunken side of the iceberg.